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Major reasons why students struggle in online courses

School appears different during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether you call it remote learning, online learning, or distance learning. While some students seem to enjoy this method of learning, others do not appear to be interested. Some kids might not show up at all. Others may be there, but they aren't submitting work or going above and beyond the minimal minimum. So, what's keeping your pupils from participating?

According to research, pupils who are truly engaged persevere in the face of adversity. Students that are engaged are attentive and curious. Whether in a physical or virtual classroom, kids find meaning in what they're learning. Here are some possible reasons why students tend to struggle in online courses.

Students’ life circumstances have changed:
Students’ lives may have altered dramatically since schools closed due to a pandemic, economic collapse, or societal turmoil. Many families are facing financial difficulties, illness, loss, homelessness, and/or food insecurity. They could also be at risk in other ways. Students may no longer have access to the internet, a gadget to utilize, or a learning area. Some students may be unable to meet at certain times. Others may have a lot going on in the background that they're attempting to hide or filter out from the rest of the class.

Distractions everywhere:
When you're in the middle of a virtual classroom session, distractions are inevitable. A delivery or something as simple as a puppy running into the home office can cause havoc for everyone involved. Time management becomes more difficult as a result of these distractions – and maybe having more duties. Because it is entirely dependent on self-motivation, having a time management system is possibly the most difficult hurdle for students to conquer. Students must take their education seriously, learn to manage their time, create a daily program, and study despite numerous distractions.
Wrong expectations:
The course appeared to be too challenging or too easy, too time-consuming or too theoretical, all of these erroneous expectations can lead to frustration and dropouts

The easiest method to deal with this issue is to make sure that everyone knows everything there is to know about the course:

  • The course's subjects and lessons

  • Qualifications and experience of teachers

  • The required level of education

  • The amount of time students should devote to the course, broken down by module and assignment.

  • The course's goals and outcomes

  • Skills gained after completing each module and the course in full

  • This won't protect against students who don't read the course description and then drop out because they need something else, but it will at least give us the satisfaction of knowing we did our part.

    Technical issues:
    Bugs and slowdowns in the eLearning platform do not encourage students to be more engaged. Instead, it may compel pupils to drop out of the class. Even if the online learning platform has never had any technical issues, the increased demand for online learning during the COVID-19 lockdown may negatively impact its performance. A quick rise in website traffic places a large burden on the servers, which might result in server outages and crashes. Another issue is the loss of speed for users who are far away from the servers.

    One must build a flexible and scalable server infrastructure by optimizing content with adaptive delivery (to ensure quality and speed on any type of device and connection) and moving it closer to the user with a content delivery network to eliminate technical issues and ensure a smooth eLearning experience for students. You have two options: design your solution or use a pre-built CDN.

     Poor time management:
    Students can lose motivation for a variety of reasons, ranging from uncertain course objectives and a lack of control to feeling irritated due to social isolation.

    Although we will never be able to manage some personal motivation issues, we can try our best to make the course as interesting as possible.
  • Create a learner's roadmap that includes explicit milestones such as knowledge and accomplishments. This path might be posted on the student's accounts so that they can track their progress and feel satisfied as they move closer to the end objective.

  • Content and task types should be varied: interactive training, films, storytelling, gamified solutions, and so on.
  • Form a student community and employ group work as needed. When students feel like they're part of a group, they're more engaged.

  • Too much flexibility:
    Students can take classes at their speed whenever and wherever they desire, which is one of the main benefits of online learning. Flexibility, on the other hand, can be a major disadvantage when there is too much of it. Set deadlines for each module (or at the very least a final deadline) and set reminders as the deadline approaches. Without this, completion rates are likely to be exceedingly low, as "at any moment" usually means "never."

    Some students being left behind:
    Teachers in traditional classrooms can keep an eye on their students and change their speed to accommodate those who require extra time. It's more challenging to do so in an online learning setting. Because it is more difficult to understand body language online, students may remain mute or "put on a brave face," leaving the class disheartened, frustrated, and having learned nothing. What you can do is set yourself up for success by enquiring about any relevant apps you may be unfamiliar with, as well as how to get to the classes. Also, make sure you know how to communicate your issues to your teacher, whether it's through the online course, email, or another method.

    Diminished social aspects:
    The loss of numerous social components with the online approach takes the final spot on our list of online platform issues. There are various opportunities for social engagement with peers within the design of most degree programs. This can be done through virtual classroom activities or even beyond the digital classroom in "social lounges." All of this is fantastic, but it's still not the same as having tangible, face-to-face interactions. Interacting in person fosters stronger ties, a sense of camaraderie based on shared work and goals, and a variety of other beneficial characteristics for the student. For some, this is a more difficult challenge than for others. Students facing trouble of isolation can opt for online services like online class help Maine or take my online classes for me in Maine for amazing academic support.

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